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Have you visited our garden lately? The cucumbers are off and running. The tomatoes are staked and climbing. The peppers are abundant and the squash is showing off. There are even blueberries on our bushes! It is gratifying to know that our experiment in gardening provides healthy food for hungry people.

As our garden continues to flourish, soon it will be harvesting time, and we as a church community will inch closer to our goal of providing fresh produce and expanding our healthy choice offerings to our food pantry clients. Healthy foods, when purchased retail, are expensive compared to the more common packaged foods. We already strive to provide fresh produce for our families, when it is available, but there is always a critical need to increase the amount of fresh produce available for distribution to our clients. Our garden makes this happen.

Expansion plans are underway with the award of a grant from the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama. Plans for a winter garden are beginning to take shape. With your help, the dream of a year-round garden is soon to become a reality. Calling all gardeners, we need you!


Holy Comforter participates in the Montgomery Public Schools Backpack Partnership. In 2017, we partnered with Fitzpatrick Elementary School. The Backpack Program works like this: Each week,  volunteers sack healthy foods or snacks that a child can eat over the weekend. The sacks are delivered to the school on Friday morning. School officials identify the children who will receive the sacks of food and place the sack in each child’s backpack at the end of the day on Friday.


What’s in the bag? Appropriate contents include,

  • Individual packs of instant grits, oatmeal, or cereal

  • Cereal bars or multigrain bars

  • Small cans of beef stew, chili, soup, or pasta

  • Small cans of fruit

  • Boxed fruit juice or shelf safe milk

  • Pudding cups

  • Small cans of vegetables

  • Boxed mac & cheese

  • Ramen noodles

  • Peanut butter or cheese crackers


How you can help:

  • Donate funds to purchase food

  • Donate food

  • Pack bags

  • Shop for food

  • Deliver food to Fitzpatrick Elementary on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning


To learn more about the Backpack Partnership, please contact the parish office at 334-281-1337 or email Nelya McKenzie at

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