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Clergy,Vestry &Staff


Holy Comforter Episcopal shield

Senior Warden 

Rand Neeley

Junior Warden

Paul Hard


Randy Bryan


Jan Pope

Vestry Members

Kathy Albree

Randy Bryan

John Harrell

Paul Hard

Jeri Tippit

Hannah Williams

duties The vestry of any Episcopal parish has four (4) primary responsibilities.  It serves as the legislative authority for the parish and shall transact all of the temporal business of the parish.  The primary responsibilities are:

  • Parish finances

  • Care and maintain parish facilities

  • Choose parish leadership;

    • Interview and call a Rector

    • Elect delegates to the Annual Diocesan Convention

    • Establish parish committees/task forces

    • Appoint representatives to parish school board and/or community boards

    • Assist the Rector in the nurture and extension of Christ’s Church

The legal standing of the Parish Vestry is drawn from three sources:

Constitution and Cannons of the Episcopal Church, Charter and Canons of the Diocese of Alabama, and Parish Customs & Publish Vestry Policies.​

membership   The vestry shall consist of not less than three (3) nor more than thirty (30) lay communicants of the Parish qualified to vote at the Parish meeting, elected at a Parish meeting for the term of no longer than three (3) years, with nearly as may be, but not more than one-half (1/2) of the terms expiring simultaneously.  No member shall be eligible to serve again on the same vestry until the expiration of one (1) full year after such service, except that a member elected for an unexpired term of less than one (1) year shall be eligible for re-election on the expiration of that term.  Vacancies on the vestry may be filled by vote of a majority of the remaining members of the vestry for the period until the next Parish meeting at which members of the vestry are elected.  Members of the vestry shall be communicants who are qualified to vote in a Parish meeting, provided that all of its members under the legal age of the majority shall not constitute a majority of the vestry and shall not be entitled to vote on any matter legally requiring action by persons of a stated age, as to which matters the members over the legal age of majority shall constitute the entire vestry.  A Senior Warden and one or more Junior Wardens shall be elected annually by the Vestry from its members.

Clergy & Staff


The Rev Rosa Lindahl


The Rev Lee Wilkins


Sandra Kelly

Administrative Assistant

Terri Via

Parish Life Coordinator



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