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July 29, 2021

Light and Life

Dearest Holy Comforter Family,

Candice Frazer, the Rector at the Ascension, frequently ends her letters with the valediction, “Light and life.” I love it!  I believe this phrase is what the promise of resurrection is all about. I kept thinking about this phrase during our regular staff meeting this morning.


Randy, Diane, Terri, Missy, and I had been reviewing the observations and feedback from the first “Time for Listening” on Sunday after church. That led us to talk about how heavy, and dark, and often overwhelming, the season of pandemic has been. We acknowledged that we have not yet seen the end of the hardships related to this wretched virus. And then we said “but that is not what we are going to be about at Holy Comforter. We will take the virus seriously without letting it define our life together. We are going to find all kinds of ways to bring some light and delight to our life together. If we are faced with some new safety challenges because of the Delta Variant, we are going to take that as an invitation to find new ways to celebrate life, insist that darkness has not overcome the light, and give witness to those glorious truths about God’s love for us.


We agreed that our Sunday services, which are the most essential part of our life in faith as a community give us some wonderful opportunities for giving voice to happiness. We’ve been planning for our monthly lunches to start ensuring everyone in our parish is able to break of isolation. We hope and expect to continue with this plan. Today we also agreed that if we weren’t able to hold the luncheon in August, we will have an alternative. I won’t spoil the surprise, but I do promise we will bring some life and light to every single member of the parish who is not able to get out and about.


Here’s my challenge to you: help us bring joy, light, and life to our beloved church family. What small thing could you do, what ideas would you like to propose, how might you exercise a ministry of laughter in our midst. Your staff and I left our meeting energized by what is possible. Let’s all of us pitch in to make this a season of “Light and life”.


Onward with God’s help! Rosa+



A Message From Your Vestry & Rector


In response to a message from Dr. Thrasher, an intensive care pulmonologist in Montgomery, your leadership team has reconsidered our current practices and protocols at Holy Comforter. Effective this coming Sunday, we ask that all parishioners wear masks for the service except when they come to the altar for communion. The choir will continue to sing during the service; they will make some changes to improve the safety of the congregation.


We will continue to have fellowship time immediately after church, and at the request of some of our parishioners, will place a Keurig coffee maker and ‘fixins’ in McQueen room. However, we urge you to consider keeping your visiting time short, as another safety precaution for yourself and others.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact one of us.

Steven, Mary Lois, John and Rosa+