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The Rev. Rosa Lindahl

June 16, 2022

Summertime and the Livin

This past Sunday (Pentecost), as our amazing potluck lunch was winding down, Randy Foster and I looked at each other and I think both of us had the same thought: “whew! No more major feasts until All Saints on November 1st.” I’m not sure why, but it has felt like Advent to Pentecost was a whirlwind!  We both took a deep breath and gave thanks!

We aren’t slacking off—there is plenty in the pipeline for the next few weeks and months. But this morning, at our staff meeting, I shared a prayer from a little treasure trove I found called ”Prayers for the People” by Terry J. Stokes:

O Christ of open-toed shoes, who stretches forth thy hand to bring the skies out that we might in turn have our [shiny white legs] out, whose love covers and protects us better than SPF 100, we seek nothing more than to boogie board on the waves of thy grace. So let this summer replenish not only our vitamin D but also our vitamin JC, and whether we be beach babes or sk8er bois, help us to feel the summer breeze of the Holy Spirit, who reigns with thee and our Father, one God in everlasting warmth and radiance. Amen

I will be at Camp McDowell when you read this. About 50 young ‘uns and a staff of 10 will be exploring what it means to be “filled to the brim” with wonder, joy, gratitude, and love, gifts we receive from God. The campers at the session I am leading are a combination of ‘regularly’ and ‘differently abled’ children. In my experience, there are few things as beautiful as watching children discover their shared humanity and the abundance of grace you find out in nature and even in the slight misery of ‘squito bites at camp!

Happy summer, dear friends! May that Holy Spirit breeze feel cool on your face in the fierce Alabama heat. May you have plenty of time for watermelon parties, trips to fun places, for long evenings with lots of fireflies, and time on the back porch feeling fresh, ripe, peach juice run down your chin. The abundance that is summer in the South reminds me that you don’t have to be at Camp McDowell to know we are filled to the brim with God’s love!!!

With prayers for blessings of joy and laughter, Rosa+