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“In the Service of God and This Community Since 1864”


Records in the Department of Archives and History in Montgomery, AL show that in 1863 a group of Episcopalians from Pensacola, then in the hands of Federal troops, came to Montgomery with their Rector, The Reverend John Jackson Scott to form a church. By 1864, the Church of the Holy Comforter was organized. Within a few years however, most of the congregation and their rector had returned to Pensacola. The Holy Comforter lay sleeping from 1869 until 1886. About this time many Montgomery people began moving to higher ground to avoid the mosquitoes and the yellow fever epidemic. It was then that the Holy Comforter “came alive,” and a lovely little church was erected on South Goldthwaite St., paid for and consecrated in 1887.


The church grew and flourished for fifty to sixty years, but after the turn of the century, Montgomery was rapidly extending its residential area to the south and southeast where there was no neighborhood Episcopal church. Property was bought in Gay Meadows on Woodley Rd. for a new church location. The church on Goldthwaite was deconsecrated, and the first service in the “new Holy Comforter” was held Sunday, February 1, 1959.

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