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Dear Holy Comforter Family

Today, Tuxie and I got to church right before our normal service time to

greet anyone who might have been expecting a service. The streets were quiet and nobody came. That gave me time to go into the Chapel of the Resurrection where I knelt and prayed for each parishioner by name. There was something reassuring about saying each of your names out loud, it was a way to cross 'social distancing.'

I also made a video that I hoped to have up by lunch time. The internet is not cooperating so the video is still uploading. When it is ready, I will go ahead and put it up, but as the evening settles around us, I want you to know I have missed you today and cherish the time we get to spend together. May God watch over all God's children, especially those who are ill, those who are caring for them, and those who are lonely and afraid.

Peace and love to all of you! Rosa+



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