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Hello Friends

I am so sorry to have to advise you that I am going on a 14 day quarantine. Saturday evening I began to get a scratchy throat, not bad enough to pay much attention to. Yesterday I felt fine until the late afternoon when I got really bad nasal congestion. Every indication is that I have a bad head cold. My doctor’s office and a walk-in clinic in Prattville discouraged me from coming in because I have no fever nor the chest tightness/cough that are symptoms of the COVID-19. Instead, I am to stay at home, rest, drink lots of fluids and get more medical assistance if any of the COVID-19 symptoms appear. In just a bit, I have a call with the Holy Comforter staff. We will continue to develop and implement plans to stay in touch with the parish, m

ake some tentative plans for worship via live streaming on Sunday and make sure we have a “pastoral response team’ up and running in the next day or so.   We will update you frequently because so much is changing so quickly.  Please call the office if you are in need of assistance or get sick. We will respond promptly! Finally, know you will continue to be in my prayers as I ask you to pray for me. Trust God. Keep calm and carry on.  Much love, Rosa+



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